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Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, IT/Computer, Management
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Repeated success at building high performing teams through invested leadership honed from a 4 career with the British Army. An industrious and diligent Operations Manager with a passion for team success, and collaborative working. A believer in evidence-based data-driven decision making and a partnering approach to issue resolution. A proven project manager with a history of delivering to time, specification & budget. A strong supporter of inclusion and embracing diversity with a passion for creating an enjoyable and unthreatening workplace as a route to increased discretionary effort. A well-practiced trainer and facilitator, full of energy and enthusiasm with strong ethical and moral values.
• Visionary Leadership & Team Performance Improvement: A firm though caring leader, improving performance though example, and gaining early commitment to deliver. 25% of the team gained promotion over an 18-month period.
• Planner & Strategy Development: Capacity to scope situations, analyse the factors, generate solution options, decide, plan, enrol and then deliver.
• Project & Portfolio Management: Adept at project initiation, planning, resource and time allocation, treating risks, building commitment from collaborators and colleagues, in order to deliver to time, quality and specification.
• Stakeholder Engagement Building: Built strong relationships with multiple civilian contractors to improve their motivation to deliver blended trade training to Army apprentices, enhancing the skills and ability of service personnel.
• Communications & Influence: Clear, targeted messaging through multiple channels to shift perceptions and gain support. Practiced at influencing upwards, across peers and leading independent teams in austere conditions giving clear direction to gain commitment and maintain motivation.
• Budget Management: Practised at gaining funding and delivering additional output within fixed resources. Won funding and deployed the regimental Nordic (Langlauf & Biathlon) Ski team to Norway for 5 weeks gaining recognition and improving soldierly skills through sport within a £25K budget.
Operations Manager (Captain) British Army 2022 - Present
Delivering the planning and forecasting for all training and active service deployments of a 650 strong Engineer Regiment enabling 5 sub-units to constantly and consistently improve their individual and collective capability and enhance the readiness of c.250M worth of high-tech armoured equipment and vehicles while generating the motivation to endure and win. Concurrent development of BAU processes and change-projects of varying levels of complexity.
• Transformed, as Assistant Project Manager, the collective output of the regiment, re-rolling from a deep strike regiment (Assault) to divisional support engineer regiment (Force Engineering).
• Delivered a programme of individual and collective training to raise the overall capacity and capability of the unit’s fighting elements. Enhanced the training competency and currency across regiment.
• Assured compliance and benefit realisation, through inspection of planned activity including personnel training and equipment husbandry.
• Developed as, Project lead, a deployment (with budget of c.£1.5M) of some 250 colleagues on independent tasks across the UK to validate the impact of the annual training cycle.
Explosives and Demolitions Subject Matter Expert (Lieutenant) British Army 2021
An independent deployment as demolition safety officer as part of permanent training establishment in Kenya. Provision of safe explosives, demolition, and obstacle creation training in an austere environment, in all weathers day & night facilitating the training and validation of 1,200-person combined arms battlegroup. Creation of safe, impactful battle simulation programmes of explosive ‘special effects’ to generate realistic combat environments.
• Led multiple specialised teams to deliver a series of complex, tho’ synchronised events within the larger overall operation, delivering additional effect within a budget of c.£6m.
• Improved the competence and capability of a set of dedicated individuals (despite being detached from parent organisation), all while improving the training value and realism for troops under training.
• Delivered assurance and validation, as an independent observer, objectively assessing the levels of collective competence demonstrated by battlegroup sub-units progressing through the exercise.
• Organised the secure and safe movement of highly sensitive materials across Kenya ensuring rigid compliance with all security and safety measures and all risks were appropriately treated.
Team Leader (Lieutenant) British Army 2021 - 2022
Delivered all aspects of team leadership for 30 soldiers, including professional development, safeguarding, motivation, tasking, and monitoring wellbeing within a 650 person Engineer Regiment.
• Delivered mobile engineering support to a 1200-person battlegroup deployment in England, in challenging and austere conditions, while providing training and mentoring programme to develop skills in junior staff.

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