New York City, NY

Position Desired

Chicago, IL; New York City, NY


Company: Deloitte Consulting- Customer Strategy
Role: Transformational Strategist- Consultant Timeline: July 2021-July 2022

● Devised a holistic operational carve out for FinTech Units from its GSMCo business for a leading telecom player in Africa. Contributed to two key workstreams of the carve-out - process and commercial arrangements.
● Designed TQM frameworks to ascertain the focus areas of processes for the operational carveout across 6 geographies.
● Evaluated, prioritized, analyzed, and recommended 127 priority processes for FinTech Units in key jurisdictions on an L4 basis by holding workshops with multiple stakeholders across geographies.
● Assisted in customizing commercial arrangements to achieve end-state objectives for smooth handover between primary and secondary stakeholders.
● Conducted primary and second research to evaluate business environments for 3 prominent telecom players in Africa.

Company: Indus Towers (A Telecom Infra Company with a revenue of $3.6 Billion) Bangalore, India
Role: Business Manager Timeline: Feb 2018- July 2021
● Tracked 30+ business metrics that drive the AOP of the business. Identified and analyzed critical issues of the metrics business to ensure healthy EBITDA for the business unit for the CEO’s office.
● Identified and drove quarterly revenue enhancement, cost reduction, and operations programs to achieve the AOP plan to ensure cross-functional sustenance of business across 14 functions.
● Analyzed medium- and long-term capital expenditure and project approval decisions for organizational performance
● Reviewed corporate governance structure and actively participated in the annual business planning cycle
● Bagged the value “Excellence” for Q1 2018 for driving the leadership team to win the prestigious Deming Award.
● Strengthened the TQM culture by advocating through holding multiple workshops on the elements of TQM.
● Project Manager for 4 Yellow Belt-certified projects and a team member for 20+ Yellow Belt-certified projects.
● Received the Best Process Excellence Facilitator award for Q2, 2019 among 13 circles in Indus Towers.
●Key contributor for significant movement in Process Excellence score in Q1, 2019.

Company: Indus Towers, Bangalore, India
Role: Institutional Acquisitions Manager ...

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